Todd Peters, Employer

River City Manufacturing in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Todd Peters, Employer
“Congratulations Reid Jonasson on 5 years at River City Remanufacturing! Reid started with River City through CCRW in 2018. Working with CCRW in the beginning was the key to success for both us and Reid. We were able to take the time, have patience, and really let Reid get to know the surroundings and get comfortable working here. This then made it easier to have Reid perform in the role how we needed. After a couple of years Reid had asked us if he could drive the forklift and we agreed he could work on one after hours and see if he liked it and could manage it. It wasn’t long before he became one of our go-to forklift operators. Reid leads by example and is a great example to our current operators and our new hires on what it means to be a part of the River City family. We wouldn’t be in this great, comfortable position though if we hadn’t started it out with CCRW. Looking forward to the next five years with Reid! ”

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