Erik, Job Seeker

Toronto, ON

Erik, Job Seeker
My whole life, I’ve struggled with balancing my disabilities and work. After an intense bout of burnout combined with my illnesses flaring up, I was forced to leave my workplace to focus on my health. Things were looking bleak, I didn't think I'd ever be able to work again. As I was in my second year of medical leave, unsure of what my next steps in life were. Then I was told about CCRW. Upon learning more about them, their assistance sounded exactly like what I needed and more. Once I contacted CCRW, I was assigned to Leah. She has been so helpful and encouraging. She helped me explore various ways CCRW could assist me. I was so lost with what I wanted to do with my life, so she helped me access a job aptitude test and a session with an occupational therapist. After that, we started researching possible educational institutions where I could be trained for a new career. She was so enthusiastic, it made me feel more confident about these next steps.

A few months later, some old coworkers of mine informed me of a position opening up at their workplace. I ended up quickly being hired. I wasn't sure if I was ready to be working again, but I knew that I'd have Leah and all of CCRW's support so that I would be successful in this new job. I have been able to access everything I've needed to help me flourish in the workplace. Everything from orthopaedic shoes to help me remain pain-free during my shifts, to a personal work tablet so I could stay organized when I'm feeling overwhelmed on the job.

Currently, I’m entering my third month at this workplace, but I know with the accommodations from CCRW and Leah's ongoing support, three months will turn into three years and so on. I can easily say that CCRW has changed my life for the better, and given me the means, strength, and confidence to work again.

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