The INNoVA Solution

Introducing INNoVA, a social purpose business of the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW). INNoVA is an accessible and inclusive consulting firm, grounded in leading edge research, that is developing solutions to enhance Canadian workplaces by cultivating barrier-free and individualized employee experiences. INNoVA designs customized employment solutions that drive employee engagement and business success. As a partner of the CCRW organization, that has 45 years of experience in disability inclusion – INNoVA understands that disability is critical for the true inclusion of everyone in the workplace.

Accessibility Consulting

Enhance Employee Engagement and Innovation

INNoVA Accessibility Consulting is designed to deliver and integrate disability confident processes to enhance employee engagement and innovation. INNoVA’s team of expert consultants assess, analyze and discover accessibility opportunities for your business through evidence-based metrics and emerging best practices. INNoVA’s consulting services include:

• Review of accessibility policy, practices and procedures
• Accessibility audits, and need-based gap analysis
• Responsive and innovative content that extends beyond compliance with federal and provincial accessibility legislation, regulations, and standards

Employment Strategies

Inspire your workforce with innovative technologies and a people-centered approach to talent management.

INNoVA Employment Strategies positions businesses to become the gold standard in attracting and retaining diverse talent, helping you create an inclusive path to an enhanced workplace. Our strategies include:

Employment Strategies Exchange (ESX)
Strategic Inclusive Hiring Methodologies (SIHMs)
Disabilities Mentoring Experiences (DMX)

Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM)

An inclusive employment path to an enhanced workforce

INNoVA’s Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM) is a national managed service that provides support to Canadian businesses in the management and implementation of of workplace accommodations and adjustments.  INNoVA’s AIM service offers direct support from INNoVA Accessibility Consultants, with expertise in: 

  • Ergonomics
  • Mental Health
  • Assistive/Adaptive Technology
  • Flexible/Hybrid Work
  • Return to Work
  • Accommodation Assessments
  • Accommodation Policy, Procedure, and Practices

CCRW is the only national charitable organization with the sole mission of employment for people with disabilities.