Let us be your trusted partner on the journey toward creating an inclusive workplace

At CCRW, we understand that every workplace is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each employer. By partnering with us, employers can access a wealth of knowledge, resources, and networks dedicated to advancing inclusivity and accessibility in the workforce.

Our Services

CCRW offers resources and expertise to employers looking to hire inclusively and create a more accessible workplace. Our aim is to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive work environment for everyone. Our services include…

  • Recruitment of skilled and motivated candidates for open positions. 
  • Ongoing support with employment of a CCRW candidate including: 
    • Job coaching 
    • Awareness training 
    • Accommodation & adjustment supports 
    • Performance support
    • Financial resources 

About INNoVA

In 2022 we launched our for-profit entity, INNoVA. INNoVA is an innovative employment strategies firm focused on creating dynamic inclusion for Canadian workforces. INNoVA’s mission is to remove barriers and cultivate individualized employee experiences that drive engagement and business success. INNoVA focuses on customized employment solutions and a vision for a more equitable future.

INNoVA is guiding business to evolve to where diversity is organic, potential is maximized, and economic growth is fulfilled. As a partner organization of CCRW and its’ 45 years of experience in disability inclusion, INNoVA understands that disability is critical for the true inclusion of everyone in the workplace.

Our Employment Services are funded in part by:

Canada PNG White and Red
Government of Saskatchewan
AvenueNB-DigitalBIL- STACKED

Are you interested in learning more about our Employment Services? Get in contact with us to speak to a member of our team.