Skills Training Employment Services

CCRW’s Training and Development Coaches will approach this program with an intersectional lens, mindful of individual unique needs of resources and support needed to help jobseekers succeed on both personal and professional levels.

This service will help our clients develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace through a variety of trainings, such as: eLearning, peer to peer, one on one coaching, and networking. This skill training expansion to our Employment Services at CCRW is funded by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success program.

We have dedicated staff for in-person supports with this service in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Moncton, Halifax, and St. John’s. We also offer this service in a virtual capacity and would work through our other office locations to provide aspects of this service to those who would benefit from it.

Pre -Assessments: CCRW’s Training and Development Coaches will have eligible job seekers complete a pre-assessment to learn about their skills. Based on the results they will assign courses from the course library for upskilling. CCRW has designed curriculum within the Skills for Success framework, which includes:

9 Skills for Success Pillars

1. Adaptability
2. Collaboration
3. Communication
4. Creativity and Innovation
5. Digital
6. Numeracy
7. Problem Solving
8. Reading
9. Writing