Supporting Red Seal Trades

Are you looking to become certified in the Red Seal Trades?

CCRW’s Supporting Red Seal Trades can offer you support.

Our goal is to break down barriers for those that want to become certified in the Red Seal Trades.

Supporting Red Seal Trades is a safe space for apprentices at any stage of their Red Seal Trade journey. Our goal is supporting persons with disability in order for them to become Red Seal Certified. The Supporting Red Seal Trades project is nationwide.

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Benefits for Apprentices

Some of the amazing benefits you can receive when you participate in Supporting Red Seal Trades include:


• Tuition supports available
• Networks across Canada
• Workplace and training accommodation support available
• Job stability in in-demand industries
• Individualized learning & barrier removal plans
• Cost assistance with educational materials (textbooks etc)

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Benefits for Employers

We want apprentices to succeed and become Red Seal Certified employees in your business. As an employer/sponsor you will benefit from:


• Become a diverse and inclusive employer
• Access to certified-track apprentices
• Funding supports during exam periods
• Cost assistance with industry-based training materials
• Support with accessibility implementation
• Aids in employee retention
• Be seen as an employer of choice within your industry

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Benefits of Red Seal Certification

Some of the amazing benefits you receive when finishing your Red Seal Certification include:


• The Red Seal endorsement promotes excellence to employers
• Instills pride and competence in skilled workers
• Facilitates labour mobility
• Recognized certification to work within your trade across Canada
• In an increasingly mobile workplace, the Red Seal is essential for your future
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