Luc, Jobseeker

Charlottetown, PEI

Luc, Jobseeker
(Cont'd) . . .I've also learnt how to search through the job bank and to apply for jobs. With the great training and guidance of Youth The Future I was able to attend an interview which landed me my dream job as a Walmart greeter. I'm loving it very much. Job interviews are no longer intimidating for me. With all the confidence I've gained with this program I feel that my future's looking great.
“Attending Youth The Future was a great experience for me because everyone was so friendly. I met people and made new friends. It was a comfortable and supportive environment. Youth The Future had a fun and great training program both in class and virtual. I've gained confidence with job interviews and learned how to conduct myself when I'm working at a job. I feel more independent to get my work completed. I've learnt how to write a resume and how to provide good customer service. ”

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