March 24, 2020

A Message from CCRW’s President & CEO: COVID 19

At CCRW, we take your business seriously. Whether you are a person with a disability who is looking for a job or wanting to ensure you keep your job, or you are a business or an employer who is looking for help during these unprecedented times, we are here for you. We have shifted our work focus to ensure Canadian business is able to survive these ever-changing times, and that the disability community is able to receive the support needed.

For businesses, how is it possible to focus on productivity and what has always been required, while ensuring effective engagement, mental health support and addressing unanticipated barriers to success? During this time of transition and work from home deployment, wondering how business can continue to focus on diversity and inclusion and the hiring, retention and development of employees? We can help with that.

We are here, as we always have been, to respond to the needs of the clients we serve. If you require accommodation information, support and resources - we can help with that. With employees working from home and accommodations changing, when information dissemination via websites & collateral is more critical than ever, accessibility is more important than ever, too. Format & execution needs to meet the needs of everyone; employees and clients both. Our CCRW staff have the expertise and experience to ensure successful recommendations to provide accommodations and accessibility.

While this is new for all of us, I am confident that the CCRW team is able to continue to respond to our client’s needs. Give us a call or send us an email. We are here for you.

Maureen Haan
President & CEO,


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