March 1, 2024

CCRW Aids Candidate in Entrepreneurial Success

Sinead’s Story  

Sinead Sprigg, the founder of She Sails Vancouver, has turned adversity into opportunity by launching a sailing school with a powerful mission. A traumatic brain injury forced Sinead to leave her corporate graphic design career, but her love for sailing became her guiding light towards a new path.

Returning to the water provided Sinead with solace from her struggles. As she immersed herself in sailing, she realized its potential not just as a personal outlet but also as a platform for empowering others, particularly women and survivors of trauma. 

 CCRW supported Sinead in navigating the process of starting her business. While availing CCRW’s Employment Services for job seekers with disabilities, a CCRW Employment Coach made Sinead aware of Employ to Empower. During her time in this 10-week long program, she gained invaluable skills and community connections, propelling her entrepreneurial journey forward. Sinead said the program, “genuinely changed” her life.  

She Sails Vancouver, established in 2023, offers a welcoming environment for individuals who have felt marginalized. Sinead's passion for teaching and her commitment to inclusivity have made her business a resounding success. In 2024, she’s taken in more bookings and is even considering getting a bigger boat.  

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Sinead emphasizes perseverance and continuous self-improvement. She encourages fostering genuine connections and embracing every opportunity for growth. Sinead advises other entrepreneurs to “Always look to be bettering yourself and your own skills,” and states that “There’s no end to learning.” 

As Sinead's story illustrates, entrepreneurship is not just about business—it's about resilience, community, and making a difference.  

Beyond Programs: CCRW's Ongoing Support Network Reaches Out to Community Partners 


CCRW plays a crucial role in aiding individuals with disabilities in securing traditional employment, while also providing ongoing guidance to its network and partners. After Sinead became involved with CCRW, she showcased exceptional determination and perseverance. With continuous support from a CCRW representative, Sinead actively pursued additional support networks facilitated by CCRW's assistance, ultimately finding a connection with an entrepreneurship-focused organization. Through her own drive and perseverance, Sinead established herself as the founder of a successful business, paving her distinct way to achievement.

 Building Bridges 

Further, organizations like Employ to Empower and Small Business BC are available to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. You can read more about this story on Small Business BC here.


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