Matt Daub, Employer

Charlottetown, PEI

Matt Daub, Employer
I write this letter in support of CCRW. I was approached by an Employment Facilitator regarding two of their program participants who were interested in a placement. One month into their placements I consider both individuals to be success stories for different reasons. One is very interested in the work, and although it is early in the program, we, including his supervisors and coworkers, can already see this person has limitless potential with us, I expect he has a position with us indefinitely if he desires. We feel very fortunate to have him, and appreciative of the program for connecting us. I will not be surprised if this person is a key player in our company for years, if not decades, to come. The other placement is less interested in the nature of the work, and we expect her to move on at the conclusion of the program, however I believe this is also a success within the purpose and heart of the program; she is gaining valuable experience, both in work and life, that will be a tremendous asset as she moves on to what’s next for her. This position may not be a fit for her, but the experience is still beneficial, and I believe a key foundation for her future success. Over the years we have worked with many similar programs and organizations, I’m very impressed with this program given the support offered by CCRW. Many programs offer wage subsidies but, in my experience, non-financial supports are more instrumental in predicting success of placements. Other programs throw some money your way, drop the individual on the doorstep and wish you the best of luck – I find those programs often unsuccessful. Knowing the CCRW team is there to assist us in any management or communication issues is valuable to us and far more impactful on the success of the placements. I am appreciative of the program for what it’s done for us as a company. I, as a community member, appreciate what they’ve done for their two participants as individuals; they arranged opportunities they very likely otherwise would not have had; the impact of the program is clearly demonstrated by these two participants. I look forward to working with this organization in the future and strongly encourage continuation of their work.
“I appreciate the work they’ve done. I look forward to working with this organization in the future and strongly encourage continuation of their work.”

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