National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Office Closure)

September 30, 2023 to October 3, 2023

Our offices will be closed on the subsequent Monday after September 30th, which falls on October 2nd this year, and will reopen on Tuesday October 3rd during our usual operating hours.

Observing National Day of Truth and Reconciliation: Our Office Closure on October 2nd

In the spirit of unity and respect for Indigenous peoples across Canada, we are proud to announce our observance of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. As a mark of our commitment to this important day, we will be closed on the subsequent Monday after September 30th, which falls on October 2nd this year. 

The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, established in 2021, serves as a time for Canadians to reflect upon the tragic history of residential schools and the ongoing impact they have on Indigenous communities. September 30th was chosen as the date to remember the thousands of Indigenous children who were forcibly taken from their families and subjected to cultural assimilation and abuse within the residential school system.

This day offers us an opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversations, learn about the experiences of Indigenous peoples, and promote healing and reconciliation. By recognizing this day and closing our offices on October 2nd, we are taking a step toward acknowledging the historical injustices suffered by Indigenous communities and supporting the process of healing and reconciliation.

These organizations, along with our commitment to observing the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, collectively represent a step forward in fostering a more inclusive, empathetic, and equitable Canada.

Indigenous Disability and Wellness Network (IDWN): 
The Indigenous Disability and Wellness Network is a national organization that focuses on promoting wellness and supporting Indigenous individuals with disabilities and their families. They offer various resources, programs, and services to enhance the quality of life for Indigenous persons with disabilities.

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA): 
While NACCA primarily focuses on economic development and support for Indigenous communities, they also address social issues, including those related to disabilities. They work towards building capacity and offering resources to Indigenous individuals, which can include support for those with disabilities.

First Peoples' Cultural Council (FPCC):
 While the FPCC primarily focuses on preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages and cultures, they also recognize the importance of inclusivity. They may have resources and programs that indirectly benefit Indigenous persons with disabilities, as cultural and community support plays a vital role in overall well-being.

We encourage our employees and clients to use this time to educate themselves about Indigenous history, cultures, and the ongoing challenges that Indigenous peoples face. By doing so, we can contribute to the broader effort of creating a more inclusive and equitable Canada.Thank you for your understanding and support as we take this important step toward reconciliation.

We look forward to resuming our regular business hours on October 3rd and hope that you will join us in honoring the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all Canadians.


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