There is no DEI Without Disability

March 1, 2023 | 10:00AM-11:15AM ET

The DEI movement is firing on all cylinders, full speed ahead! Or is it? Join DiscoverAbility for a talk on how DEI must include disability to succeed.

There is no DEI without disability. Despite all the conversations, policy, press, and general fanfare around the DEI movement, something is missing. The largest minority group in the population, which continues to be dramatically under-represented in the workforce and intersects at an equal percentage with all population demographics is frequently absent: people with disabilities.

Join DiscoverAbility for a discussion about how DEI cannot be accomplished without including people with disabilities as a core component of the movement, and why employment is the area of greatest return.

Featuring subject matter experts, this webinar is a must attend for any organization with a DEI policy or working in the DEI space!

Neil Belanger (Maluu’m Amxsiwaa) - Chief Executive Officer of the British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society.
Andrea Rutherford - Program Coordinator for the Developmental Services Worker Program at Humber College.
Bob Vansickle - Former Manager of Employment Services at Community Living Sarnia-Lambton, currently operates 'Bob Vansickle Training & Consulting’ to provide operational planning and training to engage managers and team members to learn and develop the strategies and skills to lead, manage and deliver highly successful employment services.

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