May 17, 2024

Empowering Accessibility: Harnessing CCRW’s Disability Confidence Toolkit for Canadian Businesses

In the pursuit of inclusivity, Canadian businesses stand at the forefront of a transformative era. We have unveiled a ground-breaking resource that promises to steer this transformation: the Disability Confidence Toolkit. The toolkit is more than a collection of materials; it serves as a map for businesses to create a more inclusive and fair future.  

Understanding the Toolkit 

The Disability Confidence Toolkit is a comprehensive blueprint designed to empower employers in their journey towards fostering disability confidence within their organizations. The toolkit was designed in partnership with disability organizations and the disability community across Canada. It offers: 

  • Guidance and Templates: Tailored to support effective communication and seamless implementation of disability confidence initiatives. 
  • Accessible Recruitment and Performance Management Resources: A wealth of resources to facilitate accessible recruitment processes and enhance performance management strategies. 
  • Intersectional Tools: Consideration of the intersection of a person's identities, ensuring inclusivity across diverse dimensions.

How Can Businesses Leverage the Toolkit?

1. Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

The toolkit provides insights into creating an organizational culture that embraces accommodation and trust. By fostering an open and accepting culture, businesses can increase inclusion and reduce conflict during the accommodation process.

2.Enhancing the Built Environment

Facilities and departments can utilize the toolkit to go beyond local building codes, creating an accessible built environment that adapts to meet the needs of all individuals. This not only supports people with disabilities, a more accessible built environment creates a better experience for everyone.

3. Strategic Career Development

Career development strategies within the toolkit can align the interests and potential of employees with the needs and strategy of the business, ensuring the "right" person is in the right seat at the table. It is important employers don’t stop at a strategy for hiring people with disabilities, a strategy to allow them to grow in their career is important too for retention.

4. Integrating into Corporate Strategy

A disability confident employer recognizes the talents that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. The toolkit aids in driving lasting change in attitudes, behaviours, and cultures to become fully inclusive.

5. Committing to Effective Communication

With knowledge and tools from the toolkit, businesses can ensure they meet the needs of their workforce and diverse customer base, providing equitable access and opportunities for all individuals.

6. Ongoing Evaluation and Education

The toolkit emphasizes the importance of education, training, and dialogue in shaping inclusive hiring committees that do not discriminate against people with disabilities. Use the toolkit to inform these practices at your business. 


CCRW's Disability Confidence Toolkit is a testament to the collective effort of organizations across Canada and dedication towards an inclusive and barrier-free Canada. By leveraging this toolkit, Canadian businesses can not only comply with legal requirements but also lead the charge in creating a society that values diversity and accessibility. 

When employers hire job seekers through CCRW, our Career Talent Consultants work with the employer to apply these resources and best practices to support their new hire. For employers who are looking to accelerate their disability inclusion journey, we connect them with INNoVA, a consultancy firm who will support you in transforming your whole business. 

Visit our Disability Confidence Toolkit to embark on your journey towards disability confidence. 


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