March 16, 2023

The Importance of Reading Skills in the Workplace

The Importance of Reading Skills in the Workplace

Reading skills are important for gaining and retaining employment. From when you begin your job search to when you end your career journey reading will be a necessary skill to develop the entire way through.

Reading is not only important for gaining employment but also for retaining it. Here are some examples of why it is an important skill in both respects.

      Importance for Gaining Employment           Importance for Retaining Employment
·       Reviewing job postings to find inclusive opportunities that fit your skillset ·       Reading the job duties and procedures so that you can perform your tasks correctly
·       Reading how and when to apply in the job ad as well as the job requirements, duties, and salary information ·       Organizations often have rules in an employee handbook. Reviewing your workplaces policies is important
·       Analyzing the interview information, location and time, plus any additional instructions (materials to bring). ·       Reading important documents that are sent around pertaining to your job, that might include any key changes
·       Proof-reading your resume and cover letter to ensure it matches what the employer is seeking ·       Scanning your emails for any key information that will affect your position and/or job duties

Overcoming Barriers to Reading Skills

When faced with barriers to reading skills there are accommodations that can be made to ensure you are getting the most out of what you are reading.

For example, screen readers are not only great for reading the text out loud but they can also help with comprehension of the material.

Another accommodation that can be made is larger font size on documents. This can be helpful for those who are partially sighted.

When overcoming barriers to reading skills at work, set yourself up for success. Ask for the accommodations necessary to allow you to perform the job well. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide those accommodations unless it causes the organization undue hardship. It is your responsibility to work with your employer and ask for the accommodations. If you do not ask, then you may never receive the necessary accommodation to help you excel in the workplace.

When Reading Skills May be Required at Work

Reading will come up in many situations while at work, you may even be reading this blog post right now for work! Below are some examples of when you may need reading skills while at work:

  • When there is a new procedure at work and a document has been given out explaining that procedure
  • Training materials for your job so you can perform your duties correctly
  • There is a major change within the organization (ex. New ownership) and a document has been sent outlining those changes
  • Reading safety policies and procedures to ensure the health of everyone in the organization, including yourself
  • When you’re required to read/explain something to a colleague, customer, or stakeholder

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