June 22, 2018

Press Release: The Accessible Canada Act, increasing access and inclusion to create prosperity for Canada with Disabilities

For Immediate Release, June 22, 2018

CCRW joins Canada’s disability community in welcoming Wednesday’s tabling of the Federal Accessibility Legislation, by Minister of Sport & Persons with Disabilities, the Hon. Kirsty Duncan.  The legislation was a key election promise in the 2015 election and since then Canadians with disabilities have been deeply engaged in discussion about the new law for the past 18 months.  CCRW is very pleased that Minister Duncan has taken this important step before the House adjourns for the summer.

Upon hearing of this historic step, CCRW President and CEO, Maureen Haan sated, ”The tabling of this legislation is important for employers and employees with disabilities alike, a more accessible Canada engages more people in economic activity and employment, contributing to prosperity and participation for all.  Everybody wins!
CCRW has been engaged with the Federal Government in consultations concerning equitable and meaningful employment of Canadians with disabilities and we look forward to future consultations with the Federal Government on the establishment of the accessibility standards in their relation to employment, keeping in mind the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers as Canada becomes more inclusive and accessible to all Canadians.

CCRW is hopeful that the Federal Government has taken our advice, and that of the thousands of Canadians who have been consulted about this legislation, all of whom called for enforceable legislation with teeth that can eliminate the many barriers, including barriers to employment, that people with disabilities experience on a daily basis. We are also anticipating support for employers to properly establish their requirements, as we recognize the important relationship with corporate Canada to shift the employment rate for people with disabilities. We will review the legislation, looking for robust new mechanisms to address barriers in employment, including transportation, telecommunications, banking.
In the fall, once the House returns from its summer break, CCRW will host a reception for Parliamentarians, employers and the disability community to celebrate this historic legislation and set the stage for committee discussion and the important debates that will take place in the House and Senate over the months to come.

For further information contact:
Maureen Haan
President & CEO
Tel: (416) 260-3060 ext. 222


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