June 24, 2024

CCRW on Gale Force Wins Podcast

In a recent episode of the Gale Force Wins podcast, Kerri Deir, an Accessibility Consultant at CCRW, shared valuable insights on the critical importance of workplace accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. Kerri highlighted how CCRW actively supports apprentices with disabilities in the Red Seal Trades by offering essential resources, comprehensive training, and personalized guidance to ensure their success. Her discussion emphasized the need to focus on the potential and talent of apprentices rather than their disabilities.

Kerri also outlined effective strategies and best practices for employers to foster more inclusive work environments. She underscored the mutual benefits of diversity and inclusion for both employees and organizations, demonstrating how these principles contribute to overall organizational success.

The Gale Force Wins podcast is renowned for its in-depth conversations with leaders, business owners, and change-makers, spotlighting their achievements and inspiring stories. Produced by an Atlantic Canadian media company, the podcast aims to foster optimism and provide actionable inspiration, helping individuals and companies share their stories and positively impact lives.

Listen to the episode below!

CCRW on Gale Force Wins Podcast

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Kerri Deir - CCRW Accessibility Consultant


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