Skills for Success Day

September 21, 2023

40% of working Canadians say that their company rarely or never provides them with career development support, and 39 per cent say they would take a pay cut from another employer that offered better professional development opportunities. (ADP Canada Sentiment Survey, 2017).

Skills for Success Day (formerly Essential Skills Day) is an annual initiative taking place each September to raise awareness about the key skills needed to succeed in learning, work and life. The initiative was created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 2010.

These skills, as identified by the Government of Canada (reading, writing, numeracy, digital, problem solving, communication, collaboration, adaptability, creativity and innovation), are the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to change.

The above skills are used each day, and in every job to varying degrees and at different levels of complexity. They are particularly important for those going into the trades as well as those who are transitioning jobs.

In Canada, the number of people who struggle with literacy skills has increased to almost one in two the past decade. As a result, these Canadians may be unable to meet the skills demands required in today’s workforce. Improving the skills of workers can have a major impact on business bottom lines. Furthermore, individuals who have these skills are more likely to have higher salaries, better overall health and higher levels of participation in their community.

Please visit the following website for resources such as an event guide filled with activity ideas, a social media guide, posters, graphics, and more ways to celebrate!

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