Accommodations (AIM)

Accommodation & Inclusion Management

Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM) delivers proactive and responsive interventions to improve the management and implementation of accommodations and workplace adjustments for Canadian businesses. Historically, workplace accommodations have revolved around removing barriers to participation based on an individual’s disability. AIM offers a new perspective: accommodating employees based on obstacles to success/productivity, medicalized or not. AIM establishes a framework of standardized, de-medicalized, scalable and evidence-based methods of solution delivery. 


  • Do you have an employee that requires accommodations or access to an accommodation assessment? 
  • Do you have a question or are not sure how to proceed with an employee’s request for accommodations?  
  • Are you looking to update your organizations policies to comply with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA)? Or are you unsure if your current policies comply with the ACA? 

Contact Us

Contact AIM, and one of our AIM Specialists will be able to assist you in accessing the support you require, while simultaneously preparing businesses for the future of more flexible and adaptive workplaces.  


For more information: 

1 (800) 664-0925 ext. 384 

Accommodation and Inclusion Framework. Text within image is below.

AIM Direct

Rapid Response

Rapid response – AIM Specialists will deliver fast, effective interventions and adjustments, including support with accommodations, assessments, and consultation. 

  • Eg. Access to workspace evaluation assessments, to identify a range of accommodations to improve ergonomic set-up in the workplace. 

AIM Interact

Engage Expertise

AIM Interact includes enhanced collaboration between client organizations and AIM Specialists, including: 

  • Explore, identify and customize a range of accommodation options for employees 
  • Return to work strategy development
  • Implementation of adaptive or technical tools
  • Support with identifying appropriate accommodations, assessments
  • Moving beyond the direct engagement, supporting the larger workforce (multiple employees)

Example: Do you have a question or are not sure how to proceed with an employee’s request for accommodation? Contact AIM, and one of our AIM Specialists will work with you to identify solutions.  

AIM Balance

Collaborative Consulting

Moving beyond the individual employee, AIM Balance supports businesses becoming more accessible at an organizational level. Support can include: 

  • Accessible policies, procedures, and practices ensure organizations are set up for success: 
  • Accessibility audits for both technology and built environment 
  • Analysis of current organizational policies and practices to ensure they reflect best practices for inclusion and accessibility 
  • Guidance in implementing provincial legislation and the Accessible Canada Act 

AIM Intelligence

Evidence-Based Effectiveness

AIM Intelligence offers a roadmap to identify gaps, opportunities and areas for continuous improvement in your accommodations practice through an evidence-based approach using measurement and research.

Organizations requiring systems to measure the effectiveness of individual accommodations, and their overall accommodation provision system can access best-practice support from AIM Specialists to measure success. 

CCRW is the only national charitable organization with the sole mission of employment for people with disabilities.